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Through an inspiration 18 YEARS ago, we saw a Strong! Powerful! Unstoppable spiritual army of men being created... to Work together out of humility and love…to help change the world!

Over the years God has raised up 100 men but today these men are scattered all over the Monterey Bay and need a unifying purpose. We believe God is raising up 300 Men of God into a Gideon Size Servant Army to fight for the Restoration of men. This Servant Army will catalyze the restoration plan of rebuilding individual lives of men, their families, their communities, their cities, in the Monterey Bay and beyond.

We believe that God can do more with a Spiritual Army of 300 Men unified in love, and purpose, than 10,000 men who are wandering in the wilderness. These 300 will set in motion eternal ripples of action, change and restoration and the world will never be the same. This is God’s time! This is God’s Restoration Story!

This is God's Spiritual Army of Men!


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We believe that EVERY man’s journey is designed by God to be an Epic story and part of God’s Epic Kingdom Story. Each man’s Epic story is crucial for releasing God’s Kingdom in their vital relationships; God, self, marriage, family, friends, work,
community, and world.

We believe these Kingdom relationships are symbolized by the walls and gates around Jerusalem found in the book of Nehemiah. When Nehemiah surveyed the walls upon his return to Jerusalem, he saw walls and gates that were broken down and a city in danger of destruction by the enemy.


When we survey the current state of Christian men they are largely broken too; 90% don’t have a close friend, 70% are struggling with pornography, their marriages are failing at the same rate as the world’s marriages. Most Christian men are confused, lonely, broken-hearted and have NO IDEA where they are in their story. This Gideon-like Servant Army will help each man build his section of the Kingdom wall according to his calling. Strong Wall Ministries will help in calling, developing, building, launching and stewarding this Servant Army.

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We believe God is calling Strong Wall Ministries to help support and interweave 300 Brothers, Ministries, and Kingdom Missions into one purpose. Fully funded and supported through the power of Christ! What would it look like? UNSTOPPABLE!!!! We need 300 loving Tender Hearted Warriors that operate individually or in small squads. We need to be fully supported and funded so they can carry out their mission to help restore what is broken.

Come join us to be part of this humble team of servants. Over the next 100 days of our Phase 1 build-out, we will need to register 100 Strong Wall Brothers called 
to this Kingdom Mission. We are also asking you to give $ 100.00 per month to help cover our support services, of this new startup. If funds are tight, scholarships are available, but we do ask you to pay something. Let’s do this adventure together!


Please pray and discern about your decision.

If you need more information, please call Strong Wall Ministries -

Dan Thornton (831) 594-7245.

If you have discerned to be part of something very special please continue to Registration below.


Supporting God's Restoration Workers!

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