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The Spiritual Servant Army of Men!   

Part  One

The Introduction

Spiritual Servant Army - "Introduction"Dan
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Eight years ago we received an inspiration from the Lord that God was calling up the men in the Monterey Bay Area into a Spiritual Servant Army of Men.  I buried that inspiration for two years because of fear.  In 2013 God stared sending us the 12 Spiritual Advisors needed to start building this army.


Next He sent us 40 of the 100 Spiritual Warriors (the Navy SEALS) needed to help solidify the strength of the Spiritual Army.  We knew that these 100 Spiritual Warriors would set in motion ripples of God's love never seen before.

In 2015 God put things on hold until the end of July of this year.  We had not heard anything about the men for 4 years.  Several Men’s Ministry Leaders have been contacting us and we could tell something was starting to happen.


We connected with those leaders, and checked with our Ministry Advisors and discerned that God is beginning to build His Spiritual Army of Men up again.


To help support this vision of 100 called out men, God is raising up a new ministry in the Monterey Bay.  It is called Strong Wall Ministries. 


We would like to share more about this powerful inspiration and what God is doing.  We hope that it INSPIRES YOU! EQUIPS YOU! EMPOWERS YOU! 




  • Why is it that when the Dad or Husband becomes a Christian first there is a 93% chance the rest of the family will become Christians?


  • Why is it on average the men are the 9th most important ministry in a local Church Body?  Why is that?


  • Why is it that only 10% of all local churches have a healthy Men's Ministry?


  • Why are men under such a huge attack? Just look at the stats! It's not good!


NOTE: If you want to know more about the condition of the Men. Please click the main menu tab “Stats” to learn more.

Again, this is Dan Thornton, and thank you for listening to Part One of the Spiritual Servant Army of Men.

Part Two

The Inspiration

Spiritual Servant Army - "The Inspiration"Dan
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This was an inspiration after meeting with a few Spiritual Advisors in May, 2018. The Spirit of God fell upon me with a very clear word of knowledge regarding the danger men are in. 

Most men don’t even recognize they are in a life and death battle and don’t have a clue what to do about it. The ministries out there supporting men often times are more about fear and control. Often times plugging men into ministry slots than about heart rescue and kingdom transformation. 

We have picked a fight!!!   The War has begun!

We believe that the Spirit of Revival and Restoration is here and the battle against the spirit of fear and control has started. The men are supposed to be the Spiritual Leaders. The evil one knows that, take the men out, the walls and gates are broken (individual lives, marriages, families, church communities, and cities). Tens of thousands of Christian men are being taken out with no rescue plan in sight.

What is happening, is a colossal kingdom military disaster!  

Well meaning spiritual leaders have either neglected the men or are trying to control and fix them into a religious church. A Fear and control model that has held them back from the Spiritual War. The men are largely left to battle with an unseen enemy in the wilderness by themselves. Most Christian men are never told that their spiritual home is right here… inside of them! “The Promised Land”. “The Kingdom of God”!

That they were created to be in the Kingdom War in the Promised Land, fighting alongside of Jesus and other brothers as a Strong Wall.

To help set the captives free! To help restore what is broken!

The men in the church can't get home!

The 90% of men in the church are trapped on the beach backed up against the sea with the enemy attacking them a picture of Wilderness living.  As a result they are full of fear, lacking faith, burdened with doubt, lonely, guilt ridden, shamed, and emotionally wounded with no way out. In most cases they have unwittingly kicked Jesus off the throne of their hearts. They are confused about where they are at on their Journey (The Way), who they are (The Truth) and what they are to be doing (The Life)

No way home:

A Vision of where the Men are today.

Background: In May 1940, 800,000 Germans were advancing through France, trapping 400,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk.  No way to get home (the picture of being stranded in Wilderness Living) and time was running out. England is the picture of Home in the heart (Promised Land Living)  The bulk of the German army was coming, but had stopped their advance. The German Leaders had determined that it would be easier for their planes to just pick off 400,000 soldiers on the beach because the allies had little air support. It was like shooting fish in a barrel!

God’s Rescue Story!

Under heroic air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. Over 6,000 tiny boats were called up to cross the English Channel. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.

Again, this is Dan Thornton, and thank you for listening to Part Two of the Spiritual Servant Army of Men.

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Part Three


Spiritual Servant Army - "No Hiding"Dan
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We are in the midst of the greatest rescue story in human history!

There is no hiding from this son! We have a job to do!

Brothers: That story depicts where most men are on their journey today. The soldiers on the beach are the Christian Men. The German Planes are the enemy taking out our brothers right and left. The large military boats are the traditional church programs trying to help the men, but are easily blown out of the water by the enemy.  The Allied leadership call goes out for more boats. But these are tiny boats that are like individual Spiritual Warriors, the Shepherds called for an emergency rescue story.

God wants His Spiritual Servant Army of Men back!

  • When Jesus is ready the Spiritual Advisors will be called. 


  • When Jesus is ready the 100 Spiritual Warriors (Tiny Boats) will be called up! 


  • The 100, with the Holy Spirit’s help, will rescue our brothers off the beach. Bring them home and help them to discover Promised Land living (The abundant life Jesus promises) by God's love and grace. 

  • Rebuild God's Spiritual Servant Army into Promised Land Servants. Only then will the rebuilding of the walls and gates begin.

Home came after them!

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Part  Four

We Will Never Surrender!

Spiritual Servant Army - "Never Surrender!"Dan
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Two months after I (Dan) had gotten this video inspiration of Dunkirk,  I found myself actually walking on the beaches of Dunkirk. I had totally forgotten about the Dunkirk Inspiration until that day. I cried and thanked God as I walked and reflected on what it must have been like to be part of 400,000 brothers stranded, with 800,000 Germans advancing toward you and enemy planes picking you off.

I could sense the desperate situation and feel the anxiety. All that everybody wanted to do was to just go home! Imagine the sight of seeing large boats being blown out of the water with no hope in sight. But then a miracle happened. 6,000 tiny boats came to the rescue. Those stranded on the beach must have been overwhelmed with joy!  I knew at that moment God’s hand was involved. I thanked our Lord over and over for this miracle.

I have ministered to hundreds of men over the last 18 years. I knew that evening that God was showing me a new inspirational story of love, courage, sacrifice, humility and grace to take back to the Monterey Bay. A new inspiration was being birthed to help rescue our brothers out of Wilderness Living.

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Again, this is Dan Thornton, and thank you for listening to Part-Four of the Spiritual Servant Army of Men.

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