We desire the Monterey Bay be transformed into a new sound from heaven, of finding The Way, knowing The Truth, living The Life in which God meant from the beginning of time.


Through an inspiration six months ago, we saw a Strong! Powerful! Unstoppable gathering of restoration servants being created, to Work together out of humility and love, to help change the world!  


Over the years God has raised up 100 Restoration Workers, but today these brothers and sisters are scattered all over the Monterey Bay and need a unifying purpose. We believe God is  raising up 300 Restoration Workers of God. These Restoration Workers will catalyze the restoration plan of rebuilding individual lives of men & women, their families, their communities, their cities, in the Monterey Bay and beyond. 

We believe that God can do more with 300 Leaders of Leaders unified in love, and purpose, than 10,000 fans of Jesus who are wandering in the wilderness.  These 300 will set in motion eternal ripples of action, change and restoration and the world will never be the same. Are you one of those Restoration Workers called to God’s Grand Story?


This is God’s time!    This is God’s Restoration Story!


This is God’s Restoration Workers !


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We believe that EVERY brother and sister’s journey is designed by God to be an Epic story and integral part of God’s Epic Kingdom Story.  Every brother and sister’s Epic story is crucial for releasing God’s Kingdom in their vital relationships; God, self, marriage, family, friends, work, community, and world.  


We believe these Kingdom relationships are symbolized by the walls and gates around Jerusalem found in the book of Nehemiah.  When Nehemiah surveyed the walls upon his return to Jerusalem, he saw walls and gates that were broken down and a city in danger of destruction by the enemy. 


Strong Wall Ministries will help in supporting each Restoration Worker to build their section of the Kingdom wall according to their calling. 


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So what will Strong Wall Ministries be doing?

1) We will be supporting these Restoration Workers in the Monterey Bay who have been called out of humility and love. 

2) We will be helping you in:

  • Covering,

  • Connecting,

  • Communicating and

  • Coaching in supporting the 300. 

3) We will be offering our new service APP. (2/15/2020) designed just for Christian Communities.

4) We will have a support Staff and several Advisors available if needed.


We have done a lot of research over the last month. We have chosen a state of the art App service that is the same that is used by: Billy Graham Ministries, Saddleback Church, Bethel Church, and Greg Lowery Miniseries.

We believe God is calling Strong Wall Ministries to help support and interweave 300 Restoration Workers, Ministries, and Kingdom Missions into one love.... one hope purpose.  Fully funded and supported through the power of Christ!

What would it look like? UNSTOPPABLE!!!!


Strong Wall Ministries does not charge for its services. We are funded by The Restoration Fund. We want to offer the best service available to God’s Restoration Workers, so you can carry out your calling and Kingdom Mission to help restore what is broken.

God is the Restorer!

Funding Support:

To financially support God’s Restoration Plan all donations will be deposited into a separate account called “The Restoration Fund”. The Restoration Fund will fund those ministries in dyer need of funding to help set the captives free.


Supporting God's Restoration Workers!

©2020 Strong Wall Ministries.