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A New Story

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but God is doing an amazing work of restoration in the Monterey Bay Area and beyond.  He is writing a new story of restoration all around the Bay that can only be understood………. through the many voices of His Restoration Workers (See Footnote) .  God’s grand restoration story can be found in individual lives, families, communities, church communities, mission organizations, government, schools and businesses.  Each chapter of this grand story represents a drop of God’s love which creates ripples that roll throughout the community.  


Unfortunately, too many of God’s Restoration Workers feel alone,  their part of the story doesn’t matter, and they don’t know how they fit into God’s larger story.  Strong Wall Ministries is called to bring these servant workers together as a like-minded community to develop a collective vision and voice.  In the end it is our vision and passion to see God do an amazing revival and restoration work in the Monterey Bay Area and beyond.  

We believe God is raising up His Restoration Servant Team of Men & Women  Workers who have been called to participate in His Grand Story.  These Restoration Workers will reveal what God is up to, as to bring together new works of God’s grace and raise up more Restoration Workers.  Are you one of those Restoration Workers called to God’s Grand Story?

Footnote:  A Restoration Worker: Are brothers or sisters in Christ who have been called to God’s Restoration Story in the Monterey Bay. In most cases are Leaders of Leaders and Servant Leaders.

(Pioneers, Visionaries/Intercessors, Teacher Trainers, Shepherd/Pastors, Evangelist)


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